Employees Attendance Report

This page displays the attendance of is the employees in the Govt. schools of the DOE. This is a unique attempt by the Department for fairplay, transparency, , as the 'Attendance Register' of almost the whole of the Department is put on public display. The Employee Attendance Report also facilitates an objective inspection, as the attendance of all the schools are on display for the purview of the officers of the Department. 

Each Govt. school under the DOE submits the attendance of its employees online everyday, specifying the number of employees on leave, on duty, absent, suspended, other leave or vacation. It also specifies the nature of leave taken. The attendance is marked daily, all the data on this page is in real time.

The page displays attendance under 8 headings/ Links. On clicking link1, the attendance of all the Govt. school under DOE is displayed.On clicking link 2, the attendance of all the districts is displayed. On clicking link 3,the attendance of all the zones is displayed.On clicking on link 4, the attendance of the desired school can be displayed. clicking on link 5 and 6, the attendance of morning school and evening school can be displayed. Link 7 displays the attendance of 50 schools whose attendance is the least as per the date. Link 8 displays the schools that have not marked the online attendance. Both link 7 and 8 can be accessed only after filling in the data of the attendance required.

1. All Schools
2. Districts
3. Zones
4. Desired School
5. Morning Schools
6. Evening Schools
7. Bottom 50 Schools where present percentage is less  Date
8. Schools not marked online attendance
9. DOE Offices